My customer Sergio emailed me this week with a good question about songwriting.

He wrote that he’s great at starting songs, but not so good at finishing them. He thought about committing to writing a new song every week for a year, and wondered what I thought about it.

Here’s my reply:

Hey Sergio!

Thanks so much for the email, and thanks for your business.

My advice to you is this — don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes songs are just bad and don’t need to be finished. 🙂

I’m in the same boat as you. I’m great at starting songs, but not great at finishing them. I think the weekly challenge idea is awesome. At some point I want to set a goal of writing 50 new songs. The idea being I will probably get 10 great ones if I write 50 new ones. It takes the pressure off. Your next 10 songs don’t have to be your next album. That frees you to just finish them and move on, see what happens.

Songwriting is a muscle just like anything else. It benefits you to exercise that song-finishing muscle.

Do you get the math there?

1 dude plus 50 songs equals (hopefully) 10 excellent songs.

I’ve never done this with my past albums. But my next album will be WAY better if I follow this formula.

And guess what, pumpkin?

It applies to mixing, too.

The more mixes you finish, the better your mixes will be.

Dueling Mixes exists to provide you with precisely that — the opportunity to finish lots of mixes (of really great songs).

Get started here:

Oh, and you get in-depth training and access to a monthly, private Q&A webinar.

Valuable stuff, says I.

Joe Gilder
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