If ever there was a month to join Dueling Mixes, this is it.

I mentioned last this week that we’re mixing a Graham Cochran original tune. It is a rockin’ song with huge drums, bass, guitars, etc.

As with most good songs, this one has a lot of dynamics, particularly before the last chorus. At one point, all you can hear is a single acoustic guitar and the lead vocal. Then the song builds into a huge final chorus.

Because Graham is generally awesome, the tracks sound great and have plenty of energy. However, I wanted to make that down section have even more contrast. So, I turned it into what I affectionately refer to as “Crazy Town.”

Through a series of very interesting effects and lots of automation trickery, I was able to create an almost swirling sound. It sounds like what I imagine a black hole would sound like. The mix sounds like it’s being sucked into the speakers and then explodes out again at the final chorus.

I’ve got to admit, while Graham’s mix is very good, I think my crazy town effects are going to seal the win for me this month.

If you want to hear what I did, and also see how I did it, you’ve got to be a member.

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Joe “Mayor of Crazy Town” Gilder
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