Remember that SNL skit? Ha ha ha. Good stuff.

As I’ve said a million times before, I love mixing.

But some days I HATE it.

Some days it just seems like everything I try on a mix just makes it sound worse. Or I’ll work on a mix for an hour or two, then I’ll go to lunch feeling pretty good about my awesome progress.

After lunch (let’s say I had a burrito), I come back to the studio ready to put the finishing touches on my awesome mix…and it sounds like crap.

At first I suspect I’ve been sabotaged by an evil nemesis. Maybe Graham? But then I remember that he lives in Tampa, and I live in Nashville. So he probably didn’t fly up just to mess with my mix.

Then I suspect the burrito. I firmly believe that you should never trust a burrito.

But alas, as it turns out, the mix really does sound like doo-doo.

Maybe this happens to you occasionally?

Maybe all the time?

Rest assured, we all have poo-mix days. And in the beginning, these days can be devastating. Over time, however, you start having less and less of these moments.

They don’t go away entirely, though.

Some days you’re just not on your game.

Have fun with it.

Laugh at yourself.

Scrap the session and start again. It only cost you a couple hours, and chances are you’ll get things right the second time through.

By the way, if you’re in need of fresh pile of tracks to mix, I can hook you up: