Confession: I always wanted to be a drummer.

As a little boy, every Christmas I would belt out “Little Drummer Boy” at the top of my lungs.

Then in junior high I watched “That Thing You Do” (yes, I know…I’m sooooo young) and knew in my heart that I was destined to be a drummer just like Guy Patterson.



A drummer boy I am NOT. I never made it past practice with two toothbrushes.

But I do still love drums, especially MIXING drums.

If you’ve got a killer drum recording, mixing becomes an amazingly fun process. Drum sounds can change from one genre to another, which makes every drum mix a good challenge.

Today I launched a weekly series of videos on mixing drums for my VIP members.

I’m not showing you EVERY conceivable method for mixing drums. I’m showing you the specific way that I mixed the drums on my latest album.

It’s a bit different than I’ve mixed drums in the past. It’s a sort of “backwards” approach, but it made the whole process really enjoyable.

If you want to get in on the fun, the first video went up this morning.

You’ll need to grab a VIP membership first.

Here’s the link:

Once you’re a member, you can watch today’s video, plus ALLLLLLL the many hours of awesome training videos I’ve done for VIP members over the last few years.

Oh, and there’s a kickin’ forum to check out, too.

Have fun!

Joe “Spartacus” Gilder
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