I did a reader poll a few months ago asking what you as the reader would like to see more of, and it was very helpful. Hopefully you’ve seen how I’ve implemented some of your suggestions.

I’ve tried to keep a pretty balance video-to-article ratio, and I’ve added more product-related content.

What next?

I’ve got a list of ideas for the next few months, but I’d really love your feedback. If you enjoy this blog, please let me know what I can do to make it better. You can do so in the comments section below.

Check this out

I got a lot of good feedback from two videos I posted – Intro to EQ and Intro to Compression. As you can see, these videos merely scratch the surface of everything involved with EQ and compression (and mixing and editing in general).

In thinking through all this, I think it might be a great idea to release a series of eBooks on these and similar topics. These eBooks would dive more in-depth into each topic, much deeper than I could feasibly go here on the blog. In addition, they would include a lot of videos to “flesh out” each concept as we go through them. In fact, I could even provide audio and session files, so you could follow right along with the videos.

In addition, I could also set up a special online forum specifically for answering questions that arise as you work through the material.

Question for you

Do you like this idea? Would you be interested? Would this be something you’d pay for? If so, how much? Also, would you prefer to have all the material at once (one download), or would you rather receive a new section every week?

Please don’t worry. These eBook/video products will in no way interfere with Home Studio Corner itself. I will continue to provide consistent, helpful content for free right here on the blog. You are welcome to enjoy as much of the free content as you want, as long as you want.

However, I know there are some of you out there that would like to delve a bit deeper into some of these concepts, and I’d like to offer that to you.

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment with your feedback. If you’re uncomfortable with leaving a comment, that’s fine. You’re welcome to send me an email – joe [at] homestudiocorner.com. Thanks!!

Photo by takomabibelot

Photo by takomabibelot

I had a nice handful of questions this week. Three to be exact. Let’s dive on in.

Question #1

Shawn wrote:

Hi Joe,
I am recording a instrumental jazz/bossa nova piece with classical guitar.  I have a mbox2, AT 4033, MXLV69, AKG C1000S, and a Universal Audio 2610.  Should I rent a mic or a to d conv and go digital in on the mbox.  I have no space and like the acoustics of my bathroom.  What would be the best option for the limited budget.  A U87 is $30 a day.  The rosetta I think 800 is $100 per day.
Thank you so much for your time.
Website: shawnfleming.com

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As home studio owners, you and I will always be searching for better ways to handle noise. We’ll never have a perfectly clean recording with absolutely no noise. It just won’t happen.

However, to me this is just another part of the fun of having a home studio. You’ve got to come up with creative ways to handle specific problems. In this video, I’ll show you how I use an electric guitar to help cover up the noise and headphone bleed that almost ruined an acoustic guitar track. Check it out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Thanks!


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sm58-vs-d5You may remember a shoot-out I did between the Shure SM58 and its big brother the SM7B. It was interesting to hear some of the similarities between the mics, especially since one costs almost three times more than the other.

Ever since then, I’ve wanted to compare the 58 to a microphone I use quite a bit both in my studio and when I play out live – the AKG D5.

I’ve loved the sounds I’ve been able to get out of the D5, but I’ve never compared it directly to the SM58, which dominates the live sound market.

The D5 is a pretty stylish mic, with its black grill and body and nice big AKG logo. It’s also a super-cardioid microphone, as opposed to the standard cardioid pattern on the SM58.

Aside from these differences, the microphones are fairly similar. They’re both dynamic mics, and they both sell for right at $100.

So…does one sound better than the other? Let’s hear. Read more »

Last week I posted the video Intro to EQ. This week we’re moving right along into the world of compression.

Compression can be a difficult concept to understand. I know because it took me a long time to get a handle on it. Hopefully this video will help clear some things up.


What thoughts to you have on compression? Leave a comment.

sample-rateI come across a lot of people who are confused when it comes to sample rates. They see a box that goes up to 192 kHz, and they instinctively think it must be better.

Bigger is better, right? Or is it?

First off, a CD is at a 44.1 kHz sample rate, which means it can reproduce up to around 22.05 kHz. Human hearing caps at 20 kHz, and most of us can’t hear much past 16 kHz anyway. So this should be fine, right?

Well now we have interfaces and converters going all the way up to 192 kHz. These can theoretically capture sounds up to 96 kHz.

Can we hear a difference?

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Photo by Ella's Dad

Photo by Ella’s Dad

Here are some more links I came across over the last two weeks. I posted them to my Twitter account, but if you missed a few or if you don’t follow me on Twitter, here’s a recap.

There are quite a few of them, so you may want to bookmark this and come back, but check them out sometime over the weekend. There’s a lot of good stuff down there.

Have a great weekend!

Pro Tools Stuff

Pro Tools Quickstart Guide – Chris over at ShowMeProTools.com has put out a fantastic, exhaustive guide to Pro Tools. And it’s free. Just give him your email address, and you’re in.

Mixing in the Box – One of the writers over at TapeOp briefly tells his story of doing mixing his first song “in the box.”

I’ve got two from Jon at Audio Geek Zine:

Pro Tools Shortcut – Half Speed! – Nifty little trick from Discrete Music

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Happy Friday, everybody! It’s time for another round of Ask Joe. If you’re new and have a question, head over to the Ask Joe page.

But not until you’ve read today’s post, of course. 🙂


Photo by -bast-

Graham Cochrane wrote:

Hi Joe…just stumbled upon your site this week and have thoroughly enjoyed  reading your articles and watching your vids. The information you give is helpful and is presented clearly. Keep up the good work!

My big question is about converters. Now, since you have spent a lot of time with the different products out there, I’d like your opinion. I currently run Pro Tools LE 7.4 on a mac with the 002r. I’ve been a longtime pro tools user since learning it back in college and have migrated through the original mbox to the 002r a few years back. I’m not a fan of just spending money to make things sound better, but I seriously am toying with the idea of looking into better conversion for my system, mostly for the sake of getting bigger drum sounds with more clarity and depth as I feel this is where better conversion will make the most noticeable difference.

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