Are you a perfection junky?

Do you agonize over every single detail of every part of the recording process?

One of my subscribers sent me this quote. (Thanks Evan!) It’s about the lie of perfectionism.

“We never tell ourselves, ‘The land of perfect is about a year away.’ We never think perfect is impossible. Perfect always glows from right around the corner. We just need a little more work, a little more time and we can share our work with the world.”

– Jon Acuff (from his book Quitter)

Does that quote resonate with you? Are you on an unending quest for perfection in your recordings, so much so that you stifle the very life out of the music you’re trying to create?

If so, please please PLEASE chill out.

I know you think you’re making the music better, but the truth is you’ll never create anything you’re happy with.

While everyone else is pumping out projects left and right, you’ll be sitting in your studio, “so close” to finishing your masterpiece.

Get out of the perfection mindset.

Once you have a finished song, record it. Mix it. Master it. Share it.

Rinse and repeat.

You’ll probably need to reach for a compressor at some point in that process. Learn the ropes here:

Joe Gilder