Happy Monday to ya.

I’ve been recording guitars in the studio all morning, and I wanted to stop and write you this email while I’m still jazzed about these guitar parts I came up with.

See, I’ve talked pretty regularly on Home Studio Corner about the importance of pre-production. I’ve talked about how important it is to have some sort of a plan when it comes to your songs, so you don’t end up wandering aimlessly for months on end, trying to make progress on your precious project.


I should be more careful when I give that kind of advice.

If you plan EVERYTHING, you leave no room for creativity.

If I sit down and plan out every guitar part for a song in my head, chances are I’m going to record those EXACT parts and move on. I might not leave any room for just playing the instrument and coming up with something creative and fun.

So, while planning is SO important when it comes to arrangement, song structure, and tempo…it’s less important when it comes to instrumentation and the actual parts that need to be played.

I’ll refer back to the Sound City movie I recommended to you last week.

They showed several recording sessions where the band would sit in the studio and write the song AS they recorded it.

Just a bunch of musicians making music.

Even if you’re a loner in your studio (like I am this morning), don’t get so focused on following the plan (or staying on schedule) that you miss out on some cool parts.

For example, I was laying down some electric tracks on this grooving folky song I’m working on.

After a few tracks, I picked up my new tele and played some obnoxious rhythmic part.

It was WAY too much.

BUT…there was something about it that made me come up with two additional parts that sound incredible.

So I ended up deleting the obnoxious part and keeping the two cool new parts.

Had I just rushed through the session and moved on to the next song, I might have missed out on something really special.

Speaking of special, folks are liking my latest VIP video on layering electric guitars. Here’s what Brandon Scott had to say on Twitter:

“Loved the weekly video today! Inspiring me to get in the studio more even when I’m exhausted from work! lol Awesome video!”

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