Thanks to everyone for participating in the reader poll I posted last week! You can see the poll results here.

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A few of the poll results are what I expected. There were a few surprises, however. I was surprised by how many of you want to see more product reviews. I’ve got a few in the works that I’ll be posting soon (think: guitar pedals). Perhaps I can dedicate one day per week (or every other week) to product reviews.

As far as posting frequency goes, after seeing the poll results, I think I will commit to six posts per week. You can expect something from me every day but Sunday. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my RSS feed. It’s the easiest way to keep up with new posts, or to catch up on posts you may have missed. (If you’re still unsure as to what exactly RSS is, check out What is RSS? by Darren Rowse of

I have a lot of great ideas for videos and articles. I’ll try to keep an even balance of beginner-focused material and stuff for the more intermediate/advanced users. 

Ask Joe #3

To change gears a bit, it’s time for another episode of  “Ask Joe.” I did episodes 1 and 2 as videos. You can see them here and here

I got a sneaky suspicion that the videos are a bit long, and that perhaps no one is watching them all the way through. So, in an effort to develop a better community here at Home Studio Corner, I opted to do an article version of Ask Joe. Enjoy!

Question #1 

From Darren:

Hey Joe,

Great website, glad to see it online!  My question was about mics, mainly for vocals and acoustic guitar.  Not having much experience with different mics, and with a budget of around $500 – $800, I have been looking at the Rode K2 (also NT2, etc), and wondered what your opinions on the K2 were, and if you had any other suggestions or preferences.

Also, I’m using Pro Tools via a 002 rack, should I be using a seperate preamp as well?  


Hey Darren. Since I don’t know what mic you’re currently using, I’m not sure exactly which direction to go. The Rode K2 and NT-K are great tube mics. As you may recall, I own the M-Audio Sputnik, which has a pretty colored sound. All of these options are gonna give you a warm recording with lots of harmonics. If you’re looking for a clean sound, then go with a Rode NT-2000 or maybe a Shure KSM44.

As far as preamps go, you’d get a lot of sonic benefits from getting an external preamp for the 002. The 002 pres aren’t bad, but they’re not amazing, so it may be worth looking into a good single-channel preamp or channel strip.

Question 2

From Dilara:

Hello, Joe!

I am setting up my home recording studio for the first time.  I have Logic Pro 8, an iMac, an Apogee Duet, a Korg Trinity, and a Glyph external HD, plus mics, and guitar.

I can’t seem to find out what the best configuration is for this, though.  Some people say I should record directly “into” the Glyph, others say go through the iMac…. I’m not really sure how to approach the set up.

Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Dilara, while you are technically recording into the Glyph, everything is being routed into the Duet, through the iMac, into the Glyph. There’s really no way to record directly to a hard drive without going through a computer. Without the computer, the hard drive doesn’t have anyone to tell it what to do.

Another part of your question may have to do with connections. The Duet only has one firewire port, so you’ll need to connect firewire port the iMac to the Glyph, then from the second firewire port on the Glyph to the Duet.

Question 3

From Gregory of

Thanks for posting up the Workspace switch for play back record volume. [See How to Make Your Hard Drive an “Audio Record Volume” in Pro Tools] Your story cracked me up quite honestly because of the similarities. I couldn’t understand why it was so difficult after I had followed instruction in detail. Anyways if you could explain why we keep it in record rather then play back and what the difference is that would be great 🙂 By the the site will be come my portal for information going foward. I have progressively moved from Fruity Loops beta version in the early 90, Reasons, Abelton, now to Pro Tools. As you can imagine there is not much hair upstairs after years of working with different DAW.  Thanks for taking the time to put out this website.

Gregory, I honestly don’t know of a good reason to set the drive to Playback. When it’s set to Playback, you can only play audio from the drive; you can’t record anything to the drive. The only time I can think of this as being useful is if you don’t want anyone to mess with what’s on your drive or record over the audio that’s on the drive. Otherwise, just leave it as ‘R’ for Record.

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