After much scrambling and decision-making, I’ve hit my deadline of pre-releasing my album today. After all, you’re apparently supposed to release new music on Tuesdays and Tuesdays ONLY. 🙂

What does “pre-release” mean? Well, since this is obviously an independent release (meaning I’m paying for everything myself and there are no record labels involved), it’s fairly typical to see a pre-release before the album is officially released.

What this means for my album, Out of Indiana, is that the digital download of the full album is available now exclusively at my music website,

On the official release date, September 14, 2010, the album will be available “worldwide” in places like iTunes an Amazon. That’s when the physical CD orders will start shipping, too.

All that to say, if you’d like a copy of my album, which was recorded and mixed entirely by me in my home studio, go grab your copy now and let us know what you think. Here’s the link again: