presonus flood promoYou may have heard about the recent flooding down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. What you may NOT know is that one of my favorite audio manufacturers IN THE WORLD is located in Baton Rouge — Presonus.

I’m a huge Presonus fanboy, and I have partnered with them for years on various cool projects. As I type this, my keyboard is resting on a Studio Live 24.4.2 mixer from Presonus.

They are an amazing group of people. I’ve loved ’em since way back in my Sweetwater days, when they would come up to Fort Wayne, Indiana, just to cook us all a big ol’ pot of jambalaya.

Now they could use some help, specifically for some of their employees whose homes were seriously damaged by the flooding. (They’re saying it was a 1,000-year flood. I lived in Nashville six years ago when we had a 500-year flood, and I saw the devastation first-hand.)

While we can’t all go down to Baton Rouge and help rebuild, we can still help by donating money. Presonus set up a page to accept donations directly. The link is at the bottom of this email.


For everyone who donates to Presonus, if you forward your receipt to, we’ll give you a free course from the Home Studio Corner Store.

You donate directly to Presonus, you get a goody from me as a thank-you.

Presonus has been good to me (and Home Studio Corner) over the years, and now’s it’s time to return the favor.


Thanks in advance!

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner