Home Studio Corner is packed with lots of free content, over 1,000 posts.

In addition to all the free material, I’ve put together a few training products. These are designed to take you deeper into various recording and audio topics.

If you like all the free content on HSC, you’ll probably love some of the training materials below.

Customer Testimonials:

I can honestly say that buying the two lessons were
PRICELESS. I’ve been dabbling in my home studio for around 6 years now, and I’ve pushed knobs and turned dials thinking I had a grasp on what EQ and compression were. However, now that I have studied the tools and insight you provided, I can honestly say that for the first time I actually UNDERSTAND what they are.
– Wayne Roux, Understanding EQ & Understanding Compression customer

Joe, thank you for putting your heart in all the things you are doing…The most important thing is that you are a good teacher. A good teacher one who can think as the pupils who don´t know anything, like those who are completely lost when they see all the new things on the screen. You have that feeling. Thanks! – Jens

I’m amazed by the value you put into these courses for the price! – Ron Dawson


VIP Membership


If you’re looking for a great community of like-minded home studio enthusiasts, then your first stop should be to check out the Home Studio Corner VIP Membership. Click here for details.

Dueling Mixes


Dueling Mixes is a monthly membership where I partnered with Graham Cochrane of TheRecordingRevolution.com to bring you a fun new way to improve your mixes. Each month you’ll receive a new set multi-track files of a song to mix in your studio. You’ll also get to see how Graham and I each mixed the song as we duel it out to get the best mix. Click here to learn more.


Training Products

Understanding EQ


EQ can be a frustrating process to learn and understand completely. In this tutorial series, I teach you how to become confident in your ability to EQ anything. Click here to learn more.

Understanding Compression


Compression was a big mystery to me when I first started recording. It took me a long time (and lots of hours) before I felt comfortable using it. In this series, I teach YOU how to become comfortable with compression (in much less time than it took me). Click here to learn more.

Understanding Mixing


If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide through the entire mixing process, Understanding Mixing is the right choice for you. Click here to learn more.

Speed Mixing


Got a sneaky suspicion you can mix faster than you do right now? Check out Speed Mixing. It’s a fun adventure that’ll shave minutes, even hours off your mix times. Click here to learn more.

Drum Mixing Guide


Want a whole bunch of ideas for getting better drum mixes? Here you go. Click here to learn more.

Understanding Microphones


If you plan to use microphones, you need to know enough about them to get the most out of them. Understanding Microphones teaches you everything you need to know, and nothing you don’t, about choosing and using microphones. Click here to learn more.

Understanding Editing


Editing is one of those skills that can be difficult to learn. It’s essentially the process of taking your recorded tracks and polishing them, getting them ready for mixing. In these videos (over 3 hours), I explain to you the nuts and bolts of editing audio, everything from removing unwanted pops and clicks from a vocal track to pocketing bass, guitar, and drums. It took me years to learn how to do this efficiently. Now I’ve condensed all that information down into a single tutorial series. Click here to learn more.

Understanding Your Room


Your room is lying to you. Understanding Your Room gives you 6 hours of training on room acoustics and acoustic treatment. Without a properly treated room, your chances of making great-sounding recordings are shot. Click here to learn more.

Home Recording Tactics


9 recording engineers share invaluable insights into how they go about making great recordings. Click here to learn more.

Mix Practice


This is a great, low-cost way to put into practice all the things you’ve learned so far. Get the multi-tracks to THREE of my albums plus one EP to mix in YOUR studio. Click here to learn more.

Recording Acoustic Guitar


In this quick 4-week class, I’ll teach you the ins and outs of recording great-sounding acoustic guitar tracks. I’ve recorded hundreds of acoustic guitar tracks over the years, and I use all the knowledge I’ve acquired to put together a solid 4-week class to help you get better acoustic guitar recordings. You can join any time. Click here for more information.

Recording Electric Guitar


Similar to the Acoustic Guitar class, in this 4-part video series, you’ll learn how to go about tracking electric guitar. We cover everything from guitar tone itself to mic choice and mic placement. Click here for more information.

Recording Killer Vocals


Here’s another 4-week class where I share with you the keys to getting great vocal recordings every time. You’ll learn recording and mixing techniques to help take your vocal recordings to the next level. Click here for more information.

Production Club


The Production Club is my flagship course. Over 19 weeks I walk you in detail through the entire production process — Pre-Production, Recording, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering. More details here.