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I get questions like this all the time.

They go something like this:

“Help! I can’t seem to get a good reverb sound! I’ve got good reverb plugins, but I don’t know which parameters to adjust. There’s room size, length, width, height. There’s dampness, population, reflexivity, early reflections, pre-delay, tail length…I’ve adjusted all of them and I can’t make it sound good!”

If that’s you, here’s the problem:

You’re doing too much.

It’s like I always say, if you’re having to resort to crazy EQ moves to make the guitar sound right, the problem isn’t your EQ skills, it’s the guitar recording itself.

As a wise man once said, “Get it right at the source.”

And you know what, pumpkin? That applies to reverb, too.

You’ve got to simplify your approach. You don’t need to tweak all those parameters to get a good reverb sound. You just need to start with the RIGHT reverb sound, and then make a few simple tweaks.

In fact, I developed a simple, 4-step process to getting a GREAT reverb sound.

That’s the topic of my latest VIP video, which will be going live later this morning on the VIP member website.

I’ll walk you through taking a STOCK reverb plugin and getting a great sound out of it. (No, you don’t need fancy reverbs to get a good ‘verb sound.)

If you’re interested, you can sign up to become a “VIPer” here:


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