I’m a songwriter. I’ve been writing songs since I was a teenager.

Imagine a 14-year-old version of Joe.

He walks up to his parents and says, “Mom, Dad, I want to start writing songs. I’m gonna need a $2,000 Gibson guitar to make that happen.”

What happens next?

Probably a lot of laughing.


Because it’s complete nonsense.

Why would they buy me a high end guitar before I even BEGAN to learn the craft of songwriting? ‘Twould have been stupid.

Instead they got me a super cheap acoustic guitar. They had no idea if I would stick with it or not.

But over the years I kept at it. I kept playing, kept practicing, kept writing.

As my skills increased, I got a better guitar.

What does that have to do with you and your studio?

If you’re more concerned with high end equipment than you are with becoming a better engineer, you’re acting like 14-year-old Joe.

Your priorities are out of whack.

Are you putting the cart before the horse? Do you look to gear to make up what’s lacking in YOU?

Take a cue from Mama and Daddy Gilder and just laugh at yourself.

When you’re done, think about ways you can improve you. And try to make THAT your focus for the next couple of months.

You may be surprised what comes out of you.

For starters, you can learn the ropes of EQ by going here:


Joe Gilder

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“Each example got me amped up to try out my new EQ approach and the results have been fantastic. I went back to some of my old mixes, stripped away the old plugins and went to work. I got a better sound with fewer plugins because I better understand EQ.”

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