I read a fantastic article the other day that I want to share with you. It asks the question, “is quality better than quantity?”

The answer might surprise you.
Here’s the link:

Do yourself a favor and take three minutes to read it, then come back and finish this email. I’ll wait.

Done reading? Good.

I  100% agree with this article. I would much rather release 50 songs over the course of a year then just one “perfect” song.

And chances are one or more of those 50 songs would be better than the one perfect song anyway.

I take this quantity approach with my VIP membership as well. I post a new video every single week. If you are a member, you have the opportunity to pick and choose which tutorial videos you want to watch. You don’t have to watch all of them to get a ton of value out of your membership.

If you carve out the time to watch just one short video each month and apply what you learn, then you will get better.

I’m going for both quantity AND quality. The more content I put in the VIP membership area, the more chances I have to help you become better, faster, and more confident.

With every new tip or trick that I teach you, you will become a little bit more efficient in the studio. Over time, this will help you create BETTER music faster.

Quality AND quantity.

But that won’t happen if you don’t join.

It’s 10 bucks a month. I made it affordable for everyone. You have access to ALL the content as soon as you join.

Okay, enough waiting around. Go join right now at this link:

Joe Gilder
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