I finished up electric guitars for my album the other day. It’s time for the finishing touches (percussion, keys, extra BGV’s, maybe even a group vocal?).

For this project I tracked drums first, then bass, then acoustic guitars, then lead vocals.

Then I tracked electric guitars, which definitely changed the feel for most of the songs.

One song in particular sounds a bit worse after tracking electrics. As I listen back to the finished recording, the lead vocal just sounds…weak. It’s a bit pitchy and lacks some energy. It sounded fine when I recorded it, but now that the recording is almost finished, the vocal isn’t working anymore.

Time for a re-do.

Now, I’m not a fan of re-doing things willy-nilly. When possible, you want to get it right the first time.

In this instance, the main reason I tracked vocals so early was simply because I had the time. Normally I’d like to track vocals towards the end, but my guitar was in the shop, and I wanted to get some stuff done. So I tracked all the vocals.

For most of the songs, the lead vocal sounds great, and even better once all the guitars were recorded. But for this one song, the vocal just ain’t workin’.

So sometime next week I’ll set up my mic and belt out a new, better take.

I’m not re-tracking ALL the vocals. Just this one, because it needs it.

Don’t record your tracks while planning a re-do. But if you listen back later and the song really needs a re-do, go for it.

After all, the goal is to get the song right, right?


Speaking of vocals, I’ve got a series of vocal mixing videos that you’ll like.

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Have a fantasmical weekend!

Joe Gilder
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