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If you dream of making great music from your home studio, this course will give you the engineering and producing skills and CONFIDENCE you need to make that dream a reality.

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Hey, this is Joe Gilder from Home Studio Corner. I started my YouTube channel in 2009, Since then, I've released over 50 of my own songs, dozens of client projects, and thousands of videos, all from my home recording studio. I’ve helped people all over the world make better music in their home studios. Now I've created an incredibly in-depth recording course called Home Studio Recording.

As you read this, I will do my best to explain what this course is and how it can help you.

The Problem

Everyone who sets out to make music in a home studio encounters problems and frustrations along the way. Things like:

  • I don’t know where to start.
  • I can’t ever get a good mix.
  • My tracks sound boring and repetitive.
  • My recordings don’t sound like what I hear on the radio.
  • I don’t know how to get good recordings, or even how to know IF I’ve got good recordings.
  • I can record, but I don’t know how to produce.
  • I'm intimidated by things like recording things like drums, bass, and guitars.
  • I never finished projects.
  • I say, "I can fix it in the mix" a lot.

With so many potential areas of frustration, it’s easy to start believing the lies.

The Lies

  • I can’t make great music in a home studio.
  • I need expensive gear to make good recordings.
  • I can fix it in the mix.
  • I can’t expect pro-quality results as a hobbyist.
  • I’ll never be able to record like my favorite artists and producers.
  • I can’t get better.

The Truth

You absolutely CAN make great-sounding music in a home studio. How do I know? Because I’ve done it. Many times. And I have hundreds of friends who have done it as well.

The Solution

If you are dissatisfied with your current recordings, you need to make some changes. You need someone to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

With Home Studio Recording, I can give you exactly the help you need.

The Promise

Home Studio Recording will teach you the following:

  • Engineering - How to think like a recording engineer. You’ll learn how to get great-sounding recordings, every time.
  • Producing - How to think like a producer. You’ll learn how to decide what instruments to record and what parts they need to play. (This is one of the most valuable skills you can learn.)
  • Confidence - How to approach every new project with confidence that you will make it sound great.
  • How to GIRATS - The oft-quoted acronym, Get It Right At The Source. If your mixes never sound as good as you want them, chances are you have a recording and production problem, NOT a mixing problem

How Does It Work?

Home Studio Recording takes you step-by-step through my production process, not once but THREE times. That’s right, for this course I produced one song three different ways:

  1. Small Production - First, we record a simple guitar/vocal version of the song. This is one of the best ways to hone your skills. Getting a quality guitar/vocal is a challenging but rewarding skill to master. It can lead to many opportunities and helps lay a solid foundation for your future work.
  2. Medium Production - Next, we take the song and create a bigger production, with guitars, keyboards, synths, lots of vocals, and even a cello. You’ll also learn more in-depth concepts for how to approach production in a way that virtually guarantees your songs will stay interesting from the first downbeat to the final chord.
  3. Large Production - Finally, we take the song and do a full rock band version, complete with drums, bass, and some rockin’ guitars and vocals.

Home Studio Recording takes a balanced approach between teaching you recording and production concepts and applying those concepts to a song.

It also gives you a real-world fly-on-the-wall experience. This is not a vanity project, a recording documentary edited in such a way that makes me look like a genius. No, instead you get the REAL experience. You see my successes as well as my failures. You see when I botch the recording and when I nail the take. It’s the closest equivalent you can get to spending a week in the studio with me.

What’s Included?

As soon as you place your order, you’ll have instant access to the following:

  • Home Studio Recording members area, where you can track your progress
  • Over 80 video lessons, divided up into 6 major sections
  • Over 30 hours of in-depth content.
  • Full access to the course from your web browser OR from our mobile app.
  • The ability to ask me questions directly in the comments section for each video

Bonus: 10-Day EP Course

10-Day EP is a really fun crash course in taking all the principles I talk about in my recording and mixing courses, and showing it in action as I give myself 10 days to record and mix a 5-song album (also known as an EP). 10-Day EP is the perfect companion to Home Studio Recording, giving you even more real-world insight into the recording and production techniques I use. Here's what one 10-Day EP customer had to say about it:

"The 10 Day EP course is a major-league game changer. It provides both the discipline and the know-how to take your musical ideas to a fully produced, mastered EP ready for release. Whether you are a pro, or an amateur like me, you'll be amazed at what you'll create with Joe's amazing guidance. He's the best in the business - no exaggeration." - Hershey Bell

Ready to join?

If this sounds exciting to you, please choose one of the options below and join today. I’m opening the doors for a limited time, then I’m shutting things down so we can all work through the material together. I will open it again in the future, but if you’re even remotely interested in being a part of this course, I encourage you to sign up now.

I’ve poured my heart into this, working hard to make sure each of the 80+ videos brings you a significant amount of value. I would put my course up against any college course or degree program out there, that’s how confident I am that this course will bring you so much value (and we’ll have a lot of fun in the process).

Thanks for reading this far!

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

Mike O'Baugh

"This course was amazing and well worth the money and time spent, Joe! Definitely no buyer's remorse here. I was struggling with how to get the best sound out of my acoustic guitars and, thanks to the exercise you had us go through, I am light years ahead of where I was. One of the biggest takeaways though was just how important collaboration is for a really good outcome. Seeing the interaction between you and the other instrumentalists was enlightening."

Carm Vecchio

"Joe Gilder is an amazing person. He has reinvigorated my passion for making and sharing music. Joe, you are a good teacher, not only with the content of this course, but with the interactions with your students (just read the comments for EACH lesson, I did), the professional and musical interactions with Tim (drums) and Joel (bass) (setup issues and performance content), but most importantly how you handled family interruptions during the making of this course. I know that you edited the videos, but you included and acknowledged mistakes, technical issues, and made this course a real-life learning experience. That tells me much about the character of the instructor. You made it a joy to go back to school."



  • Home Studio Recording
  • Lifetime Access
  • 365-Day Guarantee 
  • 1 Personalized Song Critique*
  • Home Studio Mixing**
  • Home Studio Mastering***



  • Home Studio Recording
  • Lifetime Access
  • 365-Day Guarantee 
  • 1 Personalized Song Critique*
  • Home Studio Mixing**
  • Home Studio Mastering***

Trilogy Bundle


  • Home Studio Recording
  • Lifetime Access
  • 365-Day Guarantee 
  • 1 Personalized Song Critique*
  • Home Studio Mixing**
  • Home Studio Mastering***

The Most Ridiculous

Guarantee on the Internet

I'll make this easy for you. You have a full year to decide if Home Studio Recording was worth it. If you don't see significant improvement in your recordings and mixes, you can email 364 days from now and request a full refund. Easy peasy.

A Peek Inside...

Tom Morgan

Joe - what an amazing course. I learned so much about so many things. I loved your teaching style too. The way you presented this course was special. I felt like I've been your personal intern for the last few months. I was able to sit and watch you work - in real-time. And you explained everything you were doing, every step of the way. It was an amazing way to learn.
20+ years ago I interned at a real studio, in person. I never thought I'd have an experience like that again - but you duplicated that with your course! And, I didn't even have to clean the bathrooms this time.
Thank you Joe for being you and for all you do to give back to the home studio community.

Don McBrien

I began this course a little over 30 days ago with a goal of completing it in 90 days. But much like a good book - once I got started, I just couldn't leave it alone. The learning is so much deeper when you can immerse yourself in a course like this, versus gathering information randomly via YouTube videos, etc. Despite the frustrations and shortcomings that I still experience as I now work on my own material, I have a greater sense of confidence in working through it, and most importantly, not being afraid to try different things.

This course has far exceeded my goals and expectations. My advice to anyone considering this course, (or any others of Joe's for that matter) - JUST DO IT! It will be the best investment into your music that you can ever make. Don't waste another dime on purchasing more gear or plugins, etc. beyond the very basics until you have done so. You will quickly realize that it is not the gear that will get the job done for you - it will be the knowledge of how to properly use it in conjunction with your own talents. The ability to revisit sections of this course over and over for review or for answers to specific problems, is such a valuable resource.

Cory Thomas

It was very helpful to see how these things are built up and constructed piece by piece, which helps me better construct an approach to recording what’s in my head, a roadmap if you will, of smaller more achievable pieces that build up to the final (and better) end result.

Shaun Bowen

Another excellent course Joe. Over the years I have learned so many things about the individual aspects of recording and production, but it was so nice to go through your course that is both comprehensive and lays out the process in natural order. Even during lessons I thought there was nothing to be learned, you always provided a couple nuggets of valuable information. Thank you again for your dedication and contribution to making the world sound better.

Ron Gesch

Thank You for this excellent course…You have a God given talent to explain things in a way that anyone should be able to follow you. Bless you brother.

Barry Russo

I found this course to be highly informative and inspiring. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to delve into and learn more about recording and “getting it right at the source.” Joe is a talented musician, songwriter, recording engineer and producer. In addition to that, he has a natural skill at communicating his knowledge in a clear manner - something that not all highly-skilled professionals are able to do.

David Dasinger

Joe, thank you for a fantastic course. I had planned to take three months to finish it but once I got going I couldn't stop, even while on vacation! The exciting thing for me has been learning WHY I do some of the things I've been doing for years. Before your course I did them because they sounded good to me, but I didn't really understand why. That always left me wondering if I was doing things right, could I do them better, whatever. Now I feel much more confident because I can explain why I do things rather than just saying "because it sounds good". I wasn't sure when I started this course if I would sign up for the mixing course but now I know I have to as I've only scratched the surface and I can't wait to learn more. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! :-)

Andy Laird

I said I wanted to finish this course by mid August and here it is only July 10th. Well, you hooked me in with great videos, good content, accurate examples, tips and tricks that kept my enthusiasm up and wanting more. You taught an overall well presented course. I have even gone through it twice and several of the videos more than that. My session setups have become easier, I work faster (not harder), and I now have a better and more confident understanding of working with Studio One 5.3 (using a PC). I've gained knowledge on better techniques and I'm trying more creative ideas that are worth pursuing without stressing if it was a waste or a mistake. I'm having fun. Thank you and I look forward to more courses and videos.

Bill Long

Joe, you are ‘Mr. Cottage Industry’ of the home recording world. You are able to parlay a wide range of talents into your online courses. You are a instrumentalist, composer, singer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, teacher, humorist, and all-around nice guy. You respect your audience, and you love what you do. I enjoyed the course and I learned a great amount from you. Carry on, Mr. Gilder!

Shane McCahon

Thanks for all your efforts in putting this together. You enthusiasm is truly infectious and inspiring. Like many others here I have been totally absorbed and engaged with your lessons and cant wait to watch it over again. GIRATS is already saving me money. Thank Joe.

Meg Wilhoite

As an entirely self-educated person in this field with only minimal time spent in the recording studio so far, this course really helped to demystify the recording process from prep to recording to post. Along with dozens of useful tips and techniques, I learned it's ok to switch out the kick mic until it feels just right, or to re-record the vocals to get the right energy. I feel 100x more confident now about recording other people's sessions than I did before I took the course. Thanks, Joe!

Daniel Drouin

Great course! I’m glad I got to take it. I gained a bunch of knowledge about editing and getting it right at the source and why that matters the most when recording. Lots of great ideas and inspiration coming out of this as well! Great job!!

Bryan Simpson

I started this course with the intent of completing in 3 months. But the content of material and all the great advice, just sucked me right in and I completed this in just 2 months. I really learned a lot from the drum and bass sessions. Coming from live recording, to watching how an actual studio session works was fantastic.

Rob Higgins

Joe, you assured me that even as a Noob I would get good stuff from this course. You are as good as your word. I had recorded voice and guitar scratch tracks before but nothing more complicated than that. I have done live performance but learned that recording is take and retake. I now can punch in and overdub with ease. I don't have to get the whole thing right the first take--which gives me the confidence to just dive in. All the little tips which may have been unnecessary for the more experienced were oh so helpful for me. I have pages of notes. So now on to the mix course and then I'm moving to Nashville--look out.

Douglas Lazarek

Joe, that was a wealth of information, so many great tips and advise. I actually finished up 3 songs in the process of watching this course and applying many different techniques that worked out SOOO VERY well.

Vincent Howard

Thanks so much Joe, this was a fantastic course - educational, fun, entertaining, and with great musicianship on show too. Worth every penny. This course taught me that I didn't know as much as I thought I knew about Recording. I took so many notes, it will take me a week to review them.

Kelly Tracy

This course was helpful just by virtue of watching someone else go through the process and allow us to watch what they do differently than I would do and what they do in a similar way. It was also very helpful in many technical aspects, such as how to mic certain instruments for a specific sound. It also was nice to see someone else making mistakes and punching over it. So it's not just me!!! :)

Esteban del Pino

For those that already have been into the craft of music production for a long time and are just starting to do it professionally, this course can give one of the most important things as a producer and creative. PERSPECTIVE. Taking this journey with Joe and experiencing his process of creating music will give you more tools and techniques of the things you may already know but didn't explore enough. Joe's passion for music is super contagious and exciting. Great course!

Eric Towery

Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you've put into this. The quality of recordings I have gotten has exponentially increased. I even have friends asking me questions about mic'ing drums and guitars. Haha. My workflow has gotten faster and my workspaces are clean and have a coherent flow now. Worth every penny. Now, onto the mixing lessons.

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