Get Better Acoustic Guitar Tone in Your Home Studio

Dear Home Studio Owner,

I’ve got good news for you. You CAN get a great-sounding acoustic guitar recording in your home studio. But it can be frustrating. I know. I’ve spent many a late night banging my head against my studio desk, bemoaning the fact that the acoustic guitar track just doesn’t sound right.

Fast forward a few years, and acoustic guitar is now one of my favorite instruments to record, and I’m thrilled with how great it sounds…all from a home studio much like yours.

Who am I?

My name is Joe Gilder. I’m a musician and recording engineer, and I run the popular home recording website After many requests from many of my readers, I’m finally releasing a training course on recording acoustic guitar.

What is it?

Recording Acoustic Guitar is a 4-part training course. No, you don’t have to come meet me in Nashville, I’ll be delivering everything right to your computer.

(Note: These videos are already created and ready for you to watch. I originally created them as a part of a 4-week program, but you can have instant access to everything as soon as you join.)

If you want to get things rolling now and start getting better acoustic guitar recordings, keep reading…

Here’s the structure of the course:

Part 1

The Keys to Recording Acoustic Guitar

In the first video, I’ll share with you a whole wealth of information that you can use to start getting better, more consistent, acoustic guitar recordings.

I’ll be covering

  • Understanding the Instrument - What are the most important things to know about the acoustic guitar as an instrument? 
  • Mic Choice - Should you use a dynamic or condenser mic? Ribbon? 
  • Stereo vs Mono – Should you use one mic or two (or even more) when recording acoustic guitar? 
  • Mono Recording Techniques - How to get a great guitar tone with a single mic        
  • Stereo Recording Techniques - How to get the beautiful tone of a stereo recording without all the issues 
  • The Process - My step-by-step process for recording acoustic guitar (and really any instrument) 
  • The Challenge - I won’t let you off the hook with just learning the information. Here’s your chance to apply what you learned and get better. 
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Part 2

In the Studio with Acoustic Guitar

In this video (shot in my home studio), I’ll show you the techniques we learned in Part 1. You’ll get to see and hear how I record acoustic guitar in my home studio.

I will walk you through the process.

You’ll get to hear me record using both mono and stereo techniques. I’ll even provide the WAV files for you to download and listen to as much as you want.

Part 2 is where the rubber meets the road. I could teach everything in Part 1 and call it a day, but you’ll get so much more out of this if you can see these techniques in action and hear the results.

You’ll walk away from this video with an arsenal of techniques that you can use in your NEXT acoustic guitar recording session.

Part 3

Mistakes to Avoid

For Part 3, I’ll be sharing a big list of…you guessed it…MISTAKES.

I’m a big fan of studying the proper way to do things, but sometimes you learn even more from the mistakes of others. Rather than spend the next 10 years and countless hours making your own mistakes, join this class and I’ll share with you all the mistakes I’ve made over the years. It’ll save you a LOT of time.

This might be my favorite part of the class. :-)

Part 4

Member Critiques

In this one, I will be critiquing acoustic guitar recordings made by home studio folks just like you.

These are recordings done by people who took this class for the first time, when it was a live class. They submitted their own acoustic guitar recordings, and I critiqued them, giving them tips on what to change to improve their recordings. This will be invaluable information for you, too, since all of these recordings were done in a home studio, probably much like yours.

So…how much?

Recording Acoustic Guitar is packed with value and priced at just $47. You’re getting:

  • In-Depth Training – from a guy who has spent countless hours recording acoustic guitar  
  • High-Quality HD Videos – This will be high-value content – stuff you can use today. 
  • Recording Critiques – LOTS of value here. 
  • Lifetime Access – You can watch these videos as many times as you want. You’ll never be locked out from the members area. Plus, if I ever add new content in the future, you’ll have access to that absolutely free.

Order Now for Only $47

1-Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You have ONE FULL YEAR try out this Recording Acoustic Guitar course. If your recordings don't dramatically improve, you have up to 365 days from today to request a full refund.

Pretty sweet, right? 

I want this to be a transformational thing for you. 

I don't want you to simply learn some new information and be "more informed." I want it to have a dramatic impact on the quality of your acoustic guitar recordings and mixes. That's why I'm using such a ridiculous guarantee.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope you'll consider joining.

Joe Gilder

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