Some things just don’t make no sense.

I interact regularly with lots home studio owners.

And the more I hear from them, the more “don’t make no sense” things I hear.

For example…

  1. People who complain that they can never find any paying clients, but they don’t have a single song in their portfolio to show of their chops.
  2. People who can’t get good mixes, and they blame it on their gear.
  3. Automatically upgrading software, even though there’s nothing wrong with the way the system works now.
  4. Re-recording tracks for a song after buying a new piece of gear.
  5. People who put off a recording project until they get that new microphone (or preamp, or interface).
  6. Being convinced that taking recordings “to the next level” involves another piece of gear.
  7. Complaining about the latest paid software upgrade when there’s no need for an upgrade.
  8. People who justify a new gear purchase as a “business expense,” but dragging their feet on actually pursuing paying clients.
  9. People who would rather argue over samples rates than record some great music.
  10. Asking “What’s the best mic for recording X?” rather than “What’s the best WAY to record X?”

I could probably list 100 more of these.

The point is simply this — what “don’t make no sense” things are you doing?

Are you making excuses? Are you letting silly things like gear get in the way of making huge improvements in the quality of your recordings?

Are you waiting around for a magic pill?

I hate to break it to you, but the FedEx guy will never deliver better recordings. Better recordings happen when you commit to being in the studio and doing the hard (but insanely fun) work to get better…using exactly the gear that you own RIGHT NOW.

Maybe you need a nudge in the right direction.

How can you find clients without experience? How do you get experience without clients? It’s a catch-22, right?

One way is to join I’ll send you one song each week to mix, accompanied by a video showing you how I mixed the song.

Once you’re finished, you have my permission to use these songs in your portfolio to get new clients.

Find out if this is right for you here: