Maybe it’s because I’m lazy.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a small town in the South (shout out to Yazoo City, Mississippi!).

But I think I’ve got some serious redneck in me…at least when it comes to recording.

(For those of you who are outside the US and unfamiliar with the term “redneck,” it’s kinda hard to explain. Listen to some country music and you’ll figure it out pretty quickly.)

Rednecks tend to be unconventional. (Jeff Foxworthy built his career as a comedian by pointing out the unconventional behavior of a redneck.) They just don’t do things the way mainstream folks would do them.

They do things their own way.

They use tools at their disposal (like duct tape and WD-40, for example) to get things done.

They don’t tend to use fancy gadgets…and they don’t see a need for ’em.

And that’s why I call myself a Recording Redneck.

Here’s the official test to find out if you’re a Recording Redneck, too:

If you hang up ugly moving blankets when you record vocals…

…you might be a Recording Redneck.

If you think you can get great recordings with only one microphone…

…you might be a Recording Redneck.

If you’d rather make music than buy new equipment…

…you might be a Recording Redneck.

If you think buying fancy plugins AIN’T the key to good mixes…

…you might be a Recording Redneck.

If you think making mistakes in the studio is just part of the fun…

…you might be a Recording Redneck.

If you’d rather be recording than fishing…

…you might be a Recording Redneck.

If you think the sound of your recordings is more important than the LOOK of your studio…

…you might be a Recording Redneck.

If you embrace limitations in the studio, rather than avoiding them…

…you might be a Recording Redneck.

As you can probably tell, I think being a Recording Redneck is awesome. It means you get in that studio and make things happen.

It means that you’re only going to get better, while your peers keep piling up fancy new pieces of gear that won’t help ’em make better music.

That’s why I’m so excited about this Recording Electric Guitar class. The kind of people who are signing up are the kind of people who make things happen.

They’re go-getters.

They’re action-takers.

I’m not running this class because I know everything there is to know about recording electric guitars. I’m running it because I’ve got guitars to record, and I want to invite you into my studio to show you how I figure out how to record some amazing guitar tracks.

I’ll be making all sorts of mistakes…and that’s okay. That’s how it’s supposed to work. You try things until it sounds good. You don’t bother with excuses or whining. You just do it.

High five to all you Recording Rednecks out there. Keep up the good work.

And if you want to join me in pursuing electric guitar greatness, sign up for the class now:

(There are a handful of discount tickets still available, but I’d hurry if I was you.)