Recording can be tricky.

Some days it’s super easy.

Some days you wish you could throw your entire studio out the window.

Repetition seems to be the key.

With every singer you record, you learn a little bit more. Maybe one day you learn a great new mic position for recording a female singer with a breathy voice. The next day you might dial in a cool compressor setting on your channel strip.

That’s not to say you won’t face frustrations, but the more times you record vocals, the more comfortable you will be in dealing with common problems.

Then…once those vocals are recorded, they’ll still need some work to get ’em to site nicely in the mix.

I’m always amazed at how much I’m able to transform and enhance a vocal with just a little EQ.

Usually I’m doing an EQ cut in the low mids and another one in the high mids (like I talk about in Understanding EQ). It’s those little tweaks the take a vocal from being “nice” to “Mmmm…”

Speaking of “Mmmm…”, Graham and I have a new podcast episode for you.

The topic?

Recording and mixing vocals.

Lots of good, actionable advice to help you get better vocal recordings.

Grab your iPod and head over to:

Joe Gilder