As you may recall, last weekend Graham and I hosted our second Simply Recording Academy recording workshop at a studio here in Nashville.

It was, as expected, a BLAST. We hung out with six awesome dudes from all over the US (from Buffalo to Houston) for two full days of recording and mixing. ‘Twas too much fun.

On Saturday afternoon, just before the workshop ended, we held the big giveaway. Graham and I were able to secure $2,700 of gear that we gave away to workshop attendees. And it was all thanks to these super cool sponsors:

  • Presonus – One of my favorite companies and makers of the StudioLive series of digital mixers, plus lots of awesome audio interfaces AND StudioOne, a killer DAW. We used their Central Station a bunch over the weekend.
  • Avid – The folks who make Pro Tools, which we used throughout the workshop.
  • Auralex – My go-to company for acoustic treatment material. And the primary material used for all the acoustic treatment at the studio we rented for the workshop (FlyByWest Studio).
  • Editors Keys – Makers of custom keyboards for Pro Tools and other DAWs, plus a wide range of microphone and acoustic treatment products.
  • Sennheiser – Top of the line microphone and headphone manufacturer. We used lots of their headphones this weekend, along with the MD 421 on toms.

We want to again wish a humongous THANK YOU to these companies for their generous support (and for hooking up our attendees with some sweet toys).

Plus a New Podcast

In addition to hosting a 2-day workshop this weekend, Graham and I managed to sit down in my studio and record a podcast episode for you…in person!! We’ve always recorded remotely (me in Nashville, Graham in Tampa), but this time we recorded it right here in my studio…on my couch.

The new episode of the Simply Recording Podcast is all about room acoustics and how your room plays a huge roll in the sound of your recordings AND your mixes.

Go take a listen here: