Where the rubber meets the roadAn HSC reader over in the UK contacted me for an interview. He’s working on a school project about the music industry and wanted to chat with me about home recording technology and how it’s impacted music as a whole.

During the course of the interview, James was asking about the types of people who visit this website, and what they’re goals and intentions are with recording. As we talked about you, dear reader, James asked an interesting question. He asked if I thought that learning about recording, researching techniques, reading articles, watching videos, etc. could potentially inhibit people from getting better. The answer? Absolutely.

Stop Reading This Website

The truth of the matter is this. If you love recording and music, then of course you’re going to soak up as much information as you can. It’s your passion, and it’s something you want to do well, so naturally you gravitate towards places online that are going to help you do that.

Here’s the problem. I can write another 500 posts here on HSC — heck, I can (and most likely will) write another 5,000 posts — and you know what? You could still be in the same place you are now, even after soaking in all that information. Why?

Because reading will never make you better.

Alright, pack it up, folks. Joe’s lost it. He’s telling people that his website can’t help them He’s turning people away by the thousands. 🙂

Not quite. But as much as I would like you to read ever blog post I write, watch every video I publish, and buy every product I release, I don’t want you to if you’re not going to actually APPLY the things you learn.

The Big Secret

That’s the big secret, that’s the part you ignore as you read the next article or fire up the next podcast. You feel like you’re getting better. And you’re certainly cramming your head full of knowledge, but is any of that making its way into your studio? Into your music?

If not, you need to re-calibrate and just go make some music for a while. Shut off the internet for a week and go to your studio. I’ll still be here when you come back. 🙂

It’s harder than you think. A few weeks ago at the Simply Recording Academy, one of the big takeaway points that I heard a lot of the guys talking about was that they had heard of all of these concepts, like “get it right at the source,” and “use a high-pass filter a LOT,” but it took them actually SEEING and DOING it for it to sink in and become REAL.

That’s what I want for you. My goal is to help you make better recordings, and if that means kicking you in the butt and telling you to turn off the web browser, then so be it. 🙂

You working in your studio…that’s where the rubber meets the road. Make it happen. And leave a comment to tell us about it.