The beautiful thing about doing something creative is that there are no rules.

Sure, there are guidelines, best practices, and proven techniques.

But no rules.

The sooner you can embrace that, the better your recordings will sound.

For example, in yesterday’s email I shared a good starting point for setting up your compressor on the mix bus.

The key word there? STARTING POINT.

When you’ve never done something before, it’s human nature to want to emulate someone else. It’s how babies learn to talk, walk, smack other kids, etc.

So we all need starting points.

Once you gain some experience, though, the fun really begins. You start to understand the concept, and you start to experiment.

To veer off the beaten bath.


When I was first learning to play guitar, I would play EXACTLY what the chord chart said to play.

Eventually I would start to write my own music, which started out sounding VERY much like the music I had recently learned to play. But over time I started to experiment. I’d be playing a song in the key of G and throw an F major in there.


So it is with recording.

My goal is to get you to that point where you have enough understanding to REALLY be creative with the tools you have.

That’s why I create new videos every week for my VIP members.

Check ’em all out here:

Joe Gilder
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