I read a great article about Jerry Seinfeld recently.

(You know, the millionaire comedian, best known for his leading role as Barry B. Benson in Bee Movie…Okay, maybe he created a TV show too?)

As the story goes, Jerry was asked by an up-and-coming comedian for any tips.

Jerry told him that the key to comedy was writing better jokes, and the key to writing better jokes was to write every day.

He told the guy to buy a big wall calendar. Every day he sat down and wrote, he could put a big ol’ X on the calendar for that day. The goal was to string together a few consecutive days, creating a big chain of X’s.

Then the goal simply becomes “don’t break the chain.”

Jerry could have told him anything.

“Study the greats.”

“Go to lots of comedy shows.”

“Watch ‘Seinfeld.’”

But he told him to just…write.

So what does that mean for you and me?

If we want to make better recordings, better mixes, better music, we’ve gotta get into some sort of routine.

Perhaps a daily studio routine doesn’t work for you, but I bet my left pinky toe that SOME sort of regular routine (weekly, even monthly) would be better than nothing.

“I’ll do it when I find time,” you might say. But you never actually find that time, do you?

Here’s a great example.

When I set my goal to write 50 songs in 12 weeks early this year, the idea was to set aside one hour per day to write. For the first two weeks, I did it, writing roughly one song per day.

But then I got lazy. I let other things creep into my schedule, pushing my songwriting time to the next day, and the next. Then I looked up, I had 2 weeks left and 26 songs to write.

I did it, but life would have been much easier if I had simply stuck to the schedule. Plus I would’ve had the added benefit of flexing my songwriting muscles daily.

It’s better to have regular workout program than to run an insane number of sprints once a quarter, right?

Same with creative stuff.

But I’ll admit, it’s HARD to do.

One of the hardest parts is when you finally DO make time for studio work, you find yourself frustrated by how things don’t go how you want them to go. You’re not getting the results you want, which makes you less likely to make time for that next session.

Perhaps you need a little injection of confidence in your ability to use those microphones you own.

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Joe Gilder
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