Check this out.

One of my subscribers emailed this to me in response to one of my emails from earlier this week.

Here’s what Ian Hudson had to say:

“In the end, you get what you recorded. You want a cool guitar sound, that’s on you, not the mix. You want a kickin’ drum track, then play a kickin’ drum track……if your song is boring, produce it better. Production and recording is everything. Mixing just makes it all sound balanced and clearer. I focused WAY to much on mixing before.”

Follow this simple advice, and you’ll do well.

Ignore it, and you won’t.

It ain’t easy. It’s easy to say, “Just record a kickin’ drum track.” It’s much harder to do it.

But it’s worth the effort.

The people who say “That’s too simple” are the ones who will still be complaining about their recordings 5 years from now, while folks like Ian will be miles ahead of them, making incredible music.

If you’re like Ian, you’d love the VIP area. Not a week goes by that I’m not inspired by something I read in the VIP forums.

It’s just a great group of folks.

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