It had been sitting on the counter in our kitchen for a couple weeks.

A bag of Skittles.

We bought it for something else; it wasn’t for us. Then the event got postponed, and I couldn’t resist anymore.

I tore into it, and stuffed myself with those tiny, delicious, make-your-jaw-sore-from-chewing candies.

Then I got a case of the Skittle Spits.

It’s where the saliva in your mouth gets so thick it almost chokes you.

Not only that, when you come down with the Skittle Spits, you can’t eat or drink anything else. Everything tastes like Skittles until you drink about a gallon of water.

It’s a pretty nasty condition.

But at least there’s a cure.

It’s funny, but it reminds me of what I hear from my customers all the time.

Before watching any of my tutorials, they felt like they were hitting a wall. They had figured out a lot on their own, but then nothing was improving. It was all sounding the same. It was like Studio Skittle Spit. They couldn’t shake it.

Watching my videos and looking “over my shoulder” while I work through the same problems they’re experiencing was like a nice glass of water after binging on Skittles.

They’re able to break away from old patterns and try new things, new things that make their recordings and mixes dramatically better.

It’s fun to watch from this side, and I want you to experience the same thing.

Some of my tutorials are pretty expensive. Some of them are probably priced too low. Either way, you will get a TON of value out of them, especially if you take advantage of the big end-of-the-year sale.

It’s buy one get one free.

But only for a little while longer.

Grab your Skittle Spit Solution here:

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner