SM7B-and-SM58Thanks to everybody for listening to the mic shoot-out I posted on Thursday between the Shure SM7B and SM58.

A lot of people joined in the discussion, and things got pretty interesting! There were several comments here on the blog. Also, I published a link to the post over at Harmony Central, which got a few responses.

However, the biggest discussion is happening over at Gearslutz. Somebody posted a link to the shoot-out there, and a lot of folks joined in the discussion. Be sure to check them out. Pretty interesting reading.

The Results

Here are the results of the shoot-out:

  • Mic #1 – SM7B
  • Mic #2 – SM58

I was very impressed with how the majority of people guessed correctly! The general consensus is that the SM7B had a bit more low end to it and was a good bit smoother in the highs, whereas the the 58 didn’t have quite the the bass response and was a bit harsh or hyped in the upper mids.

A few quick points about listening tests and shootouts. As I mentioned in my email newsletter yesterday, I wanted to simply record the two mics, post the results, and let you decide for yourself. I didn’t want to comment on the sound quality and thus affect your perception.

Also, keep in mind that this shoot-out is only meant to be a little taste of these two mics. To do a proper A/B comparison, there need to be multiple singers, both male and female, singing various different styles of music.

However, I must say I’m terribly pleased with how well the SM58 holds its own against a mic that is considered to be one of the go-to professional dynamic vocal microphones. As somebody over at Gearslutz pointed out, these shoot-outs are great, but what really matters it how the microphone sounds in the context of a mix.

If you’ve got an old 58 lying around, try it out on vocals next time you record. It may work, it may not, but it’s a lot of fun to experiment.