I got this email the other day I want to share with you.

It’s from one of my VIP members who recently bought my Understanding Mixing course.

Here’s what Nadeem had to say:

“I will say I believe Understanding Mixing Is your best tutorial product to date. So many tutorials out there are rehearsed and in solo. You dare to make a tutorial on the fly, forever in mono, and in context of the mix?? Brilliant. So ridiculously helpful.”

What’s he talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?

“ON THE FLY” – He’s referring to the fact that I don’t script the videos; I want them to be REAL. You will see me make mistakes and try things that don’t work. You’ll also witness a bunch of little “ah-ha” moments and “happy accidents” that make the mix better.

“IN CONTEXT OF THE MIX” – We listen to things in solo for demonstration purposes, but the core of ALL my mixing is done while listening to all the tracks at once. That’s how you get actual results you can hear and be proud of.

“FOREVER IN MONO” – I preach the gospel of mixing in mono all the time. Well, I ain’t just whistlin’ dixie. I really do mix that way. It’s painful and difficult (and frankly it makes creating tutorial videos more challenging), but it’s worth it, because it produces RESULTS.

So if you find yourself wishing you had more of a method to your mixing madness, that you could do the things listed above and get real, genuinely impressive results, you should consider purchasing Understanding Mixing.

Full details here:


(The full series of videos will be finished soon, but in the meantime there are almost 40 videos waiting for you in the members area.)

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner