Get this.

While we were packing and moving last week, I “read” a new audiobook.

(Side-note: Listening to audiobooks or podcasts while doing mundane housework is the BOMB.)

So the book was by a guy named Jon Acuff, and it’s called Start. (affiliate link)

The book is all about dealing with fear, escaping average, and doing work that matters. It’s centered around pursuing your passions, whether those passions are where you make your living or not.

If you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll love this book.

It applies REALLY well to chasing your dream of making incredible recordings in your home studio.

I wanna quickly share one idea from the book with you.

He recommended writing out this phrase on a post-it note and sticking it on your computer:


He used the example saying, “I don’t have time to run 5 miles, so I won’t run at all.”

Some beats none.

We would all agree that running one mile 5 days a week is probably just as good (if not better) than running 5 miles once a week, right?

Some beats none.

It’s the same in the studio. We tell ourselves that we won’t even bother trying to work on something in the studio unless we have at LEAST a 2-hour block of time to devote to it.

That’s ridonkulous if you think about it.

You’re a busy person. Finding 2-hour chunks of time in your calendar can be dang near impossible.

But what about 30 minutes?

I bet if you tried you can find 30-minute pockets of time you can rescue and give back to yourself in the form of studio time.

Some beats none.

Got 30 minutes before you need to leave for work one morning? Boom, you can get in and start that mix you’ve been procrastinating, or work on the the drum sounds on a mix you started last month.

Some beats none.

Don’t let the voices in your head tell you otherwise.

Want proof?

Check out Dueling Mixes.

Finishing one mix per month is ABSOLUTELY doable for anybody.

A year from now, you’ll have an album’s worth of songs in your portfolio.

Not too shabby.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner