If you’ve been reading Home Studio Corner for a while, you may remember something I did last summer. I called it a One-Hour Challenge. I challenged myself to record and mix an entire song in one hour. I didn’t think I’d come close, but you know what? It turned out surprisingly well!

I actually used the guitar parts I recorded during that session on my album!

Fast Forward

Lately I’ve been talking a LOT with my customers, people who have either bought Understanding Pro Tools or have gone through either of my training courses Mix With Us or the HSC Production Club.

I’ve been asking them what issues they’re facing in their studios and what areas they need the most help. While some people want to focus on mastering and others on mixing or editing, I found one major common thread among all of their responses – they need to make better use of their time.

Like all of us, they’re struggling to actually APPLY the things their learning…to actually GET THINGS DONE.

That got me thinking, and I’m starting a new project. I’ve been planning it for a while, and it kicks off this week with some FREE videos from me. I won’t be posting much this week on HSC, because I want to make sure you have time to check out these videos.

I have a hunch that this new project is going to build an awesome community of home studio owners who are ready to kick some butt and get…things…done.

The first free video just went live. You can check it out over at