Technology. We’re so dependent on it, and when it fails, life comes to a grinding halt.

That was my day yesterday…almost. Our internet decided to stop working for around 24 hours. When you run a WEBSITE for a living, that tends to be not ideal.

Last night Pam commented about how I handled the whole ordeal. A few years ago, something like this would have sent me over the top in frustration. I would stress out like crazy and host a pretty epic pity party for myself.

Wanna know something?

Those stress-laden pity parties never did a dadgum thing to help the situation.

If anything, they made it worse.

I would literally obsess over the problem all day and do NOTHING else. While the internet is important, there’s plenty I can do without the internet, things like write a song or work on a mix.

Technology breaks and disappoints. It just happens. You can whine and complain about it and never get anything done. Or you can look to it as an opportunity to simply do something else.

There are hidden opportunities behind every disappointment.

For example:

DISAPPOINTMENT: Your computer get bogged down when you use a lot of plugins.

OPPORTUNITY: Learn to make your recordings sound better, so you don’t need as many plugins during mixing.

DISAPPOINTMENT: Your recording software won’t open.

OPPORTUNITY: Record a song on your phone.

Take reminds me of my latest iPhone recording challenge. The final mix sounds surprisingly good, and I learned a lot from the process.

To see a video of how I mixed the song, it’ll be posted later today in the VIP members area.

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