Monday I emailed my newsletter subscribers to check out a post I wrote a few months ago called What Are Your Favorite Plug-ins?

There are a lot of great comments over there, and there are a lot of cool, free plug-ins to check out.

One comment, however, caught my attention.

Ryan wrote:

I understand that to some, this is a moral issue, but plugins are extremely easy to download off of torrent sites…for free!
I’m just saying…why line the pockets of these huge corporations by paying their ridiculous prices. They are just trying to hold the home engineer back so that major labels can keep making their money. I don’t do it of course….I’m just sayin. Haha

I responded with:

Coming from a music technology retail background, I’m gonna come down on the side of these “huge corporations.” They’re not that big, really. And they wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for customers who both valued their products and PAID for them.

Maybe they’re a bit expensive, but no one is making you use/buy them.

Also, I really doubt the big companies only want to sell to major labels. Would you rather sell to 100 major studios or 100,000 home studios? Exactly. :-)

You’re right, though, it’s fairly easy to steal plug-ins.

We’ve all undoubtedly had the debate about pirating music, and that’s not really the focus of this article. In particular, I want to know YOUR opinion about pirating software.

Do we have a Robin Hood situation? Rob from the rich and give to the poor?

Or is this more of a Jack Sparrow situation? “…rape, pilage, plunder, and otherwise pilfer my weasly black guts out.”

I appreciate my plug-ins and software. I appreciate the fact that they work, and I’m happy to pay money for them. I also think Johnny Depp is one cool dude. 🙂

But what do YOU think? What do you do?

I’ll be posting a new video tour of my studio tomorrow, but not until I’ve got 20 comments on this post. Let’s hear it folks!

[Photo by Arcane Canticle]