Let me ask you a favor.

If you ever hear me saying something like, “This is the only way it’s done. You can’t possibly do it any other way,” promise me you’ll just smack me.


People luuuuv to give their opinion. Except they state it as fact.

For example, check out this doozy of a comment I got on my recent video tour of my home studio:

“You cannot call a room with some equipment a ‘Studio’. You need to have a proper sound proof rooml . A ‘Floating’ room!!! Whats wrong with this guy??”

Bahahaha. People are funny.

What this fella is saying is that unless you have a soundproof, floating room, you cannot possibly make good music.

I’m so glad that’s not true, aren’t you?

Or think about the people who spend all day trolling the internet, scouring the various audio forums, telling everyone in sight that the only way to mix a song is through an analog mixer, or with analog summing.

That’s like saying the only way to write a song is on a piano.

’Tis ludicrous.

For example, for this month’s song over at Dueling Mixes, I decided to mix the song through my StudioLive digital mixer instead of in-the-box.

Guess what? It still sounds good. Sure, I was limited, but I made it work.

And I had fun.

And I finished another mix.

And I’m getting better.


While the rest of ‘em are out there duking it out in comment-land, you and I are sipping another cup of coffee in our “improper” home studios, finishing mixes, getting better.

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Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner