Making Money With Music in 2018

I hope you had a Merry Christmas yesterday. Now let’s think about the upcoming New Year.

Here’s an email a client sent to me recently:

“Other than YouTube/iTunes is there any other way an artist can put out their music so that the public can get it. As we know iTunes is letting monthly subscribers download any and all new music so that the artist is not getting their fair share of the money. This is why the rapper Jay Z did what he did. So do you know of any other way if you can help me greatly appreciate it thank you.”

He’s asking an honest question, a question so many people are asking, but it’s the wrong question. As I typed up my reply, I knew I wanted to share it with you. Open your mind to the possibility of changing the way you think about how musicians make money. It could open up some awesome doors for you in 2018. (more…)

Your Studio is NOT a Tech Startup

I gotta get something off my chest.

We live in a strange time in history, especially when it comes to the way businesses are created. As someone who has built two successful businesses from scratch (and will likely build more in the future), I’m very interested in business.

I received an email the other day about the fact that the company Uber has not yet turned a profit, although its revenue has grown considerably over the last year. The writer of the email said, “That’s the way business works.”

Amazon famously lasted years and years before ever turning one penny of profit.

These “businesses” are funded by investors with deep pockets, in the hopes that one day they’ll gain enough market share to turn a real profit. Now, I know this has worked successfully for many businesses. I’m a big Amazon fan myself. But these businesses aren’t the norm.

The existence of these businesses tends to distort our view of what a business should be.


Your Unfair (Performance-Enhanced) Advantage

There’s a rumbling going on around the internet.

It has to do with Carl Lewis (Olympic sprinter from the 80’s), who’s apparently questioning the “cleanliness” of the Jamaican runners from this summer’s Olympic Games.

He thinks it’s questionable that Usain Bolt could be that fast without some extra “help” from performance-enhancing drugs.

I honestly haven’t followed this very closely, but just caught wind of it recently, and it got me thinking two things.

Firstly, Bolt and Lewis have obviously never seen ME run. They’d be glad this white boy decided to pursue music over athleticism. 🙂 (more…)

Guaranteed Way to Lose Clients

I got a letter from my internet service provider the other day.

The letter essentially said something like this:

“In an effort to provide better service to you, we are now limiting your monthly bandwidth. We will happily sell you more gigabytes as you need them.”

Aw, shucks. Ain’t that sweet?

When I signed up, there was no mention of limiting bandwidth. I could stream internet TV and upload and download big files to my heart’s content. I was paying my (fairly large) monthly bill and getting unlimited access to what they had to offer — the internet. (more…)

There’s Nothing Quite Like It

It’s late at night.

You’ve been working on this project since late afternoon.

And it’s finally done.

You fire off an email to the client with an mp3 of the finished song. You know you won’t get a reply until morning, so you toss and turn in bed all night.

The next morning, before you do anything, you check to see if the client has replied. And…


And the best part? Not only did you work on a project that makes you proud and makes the client happy, you also GOT PAID to do it.

Pretty sweet scenario, right?

But for a lot of people it’s just that — a scenario.

They rarely or never actually make any money from their passion for music and recording. Sure, they WANT to, but they can’t seem to break through the insecurity and frustration that surrounds actually asking people to pay you.

Here’s the harsh truth — if you want to make money, you’ve got to think like a business. Businesses don’t exist simply because their owners had a dream and a passion. They exist because their owners figured out a way to create something valuable that people are willing to pay for.

Maybe you’re not looking to quit your job and dive into recording full-time, but perhaps you WOULD like to start pursuing some paid gigs.

I say GO FOR IT.

There’s nothing like getting paid for something you love to do, even if it’s just a few bucks here and there.

To help you get started, I’m doing a webinar today (Thursday) at 2pm for my VIP members. I’ll be sharing a bunch of different ways to get clients, based on my experience and the experience of several engineer friends of mine.

If you’re not a member, five bucks gets you in:

…and the video recording will be available for all VIP members.

That’s it for today.

Joe Gilder
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Why Home Studio Owners Should Read Business Books

If you’ve been recording for some amount of time, then you’ve probably at least entertained the idea of getting paid to record someone. You may not think you’re good enough. You may not even think that it’s right to charge for your services.

But chances are you’ve at least considered the option of making money from your home studio. If so, then I have a recommendation for you. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again here.

You need to treat your home studio like a business.

Hang on, before you navigate away from the page, thinking to yourself that there’s no way you’d ever actually accept money for your work/music, hear me out.