Going Click-Less

Krist asks:

How do you work with a band or artist that can’t play to a click track? How do you edit if it’s not “on the grid”?

You probably don’t run into that too much at your level, but most of us are working with folks of much less skill.

It’s true. I do get to work with some killer musicians. But that ain’t always the case.

Sometimes people can’t play to a click (i.e. metronome), and the best thing for the song is to kill the click and just let ’em play.

Come editing time, though, you’re in a pickle. (more…)

VIDEO: More Click Track Tricks

In my last two videos, I showed you how to create a click track in Pro Tools and how to customize your click track using Xpand

Before we leave the land of click tracks, there are a few more little tips I wanted to share. Enjoy!


Do you use a click track?

I came across a really interesting article today at MusicMachinery.com called “In search of a click track.” In the article Paul Lamere analyzes various recordings — from the Beatles to Britney Spears — to discover which ones were recorded to a click track. It’s a good read, I’d highly recommend checking it out.

In all this click track talk, it’s important to remember that the music should come first. We should use a click track to enhance the song, not sterilize it. Sometimes it’s just appropriate to NOT use a click track. 

So, do you use one? Leave a comment!

VIDEO: How to Create a Click Track in Pro Tools

Today I’ve got more basic video on how to create a click track in Pro Tools. As I mentioned in The Importance of Pre-Production, recording your music to a set tempo is a good habit to develop. It may be helpful to read that article first, then watch this video.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a video about how to get more sounds out of your click track. (Let’s face it, not everyone wants to have a wood block blasting through the headphones.) 

Do you use a click track? What advice or tips do you have? Leave a comment. 


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