Our Need for a Music Community

Every person involved with music, with very few exceptions, is in search of community.

If you’re a recording engineer, you’re trying to network with local bands and venues to find new clients to record. If you’re a songwriter, you’re trying to find fellow songwriters to write and perform with. Bands network with other bands and promoters to get better shows and hopefully a record deal.

Without community, your music will go un-heard. Without community, no one will know that you’re an amazing recording engineer or a songwriter.

When my wife and I moved to Indiana from the Nashville area, my music suffered. I was no longer around those musicians and engineers who pushed me to write more songs and record better music.

It took months for me to even write a single song, and I did hardly any recording in my studio. 

What happened? I didn’t have a music community. I had no places to play, no projects to work on. I had no motivation to write a new song, because I knew no one would ever hear it.