“Leave Room for the Creative Spirit”

Remember those Junior High dances?

Awkward city, baby. 🙂

I was that kid who really only danced on the slow tunes. And by “dance” I mean the awkward swaying back and forth without ever actually making eye contact with the girl.

Then there were the awkward comments from the well-meaning chaperones. If you were dancing a little too close to your date, they’d jokingly say something like “Hey, leave room for the Holy Spirit!”

Ah, adolescence. (more…)

Jogging and Recording

Yesterday was a Monday.

So I tweeted out: “Happy Monday, folks. (I love Mondays.)”

I really do love Mondays. New week. New challenges.

And the first challenge of the week for me was unexpected…and awesome.

I’ve been getting back into running. I go with my wife, and we take our son Owen in a jogging stroller.

We woke up and decided to feed Owen breakfast then head out for a run. First thing in the morning, Monday morning. Good idea. (more…)