Day 6 – Think Outside the Box [31DBR]

Welcome to Day 6 of 31 Days to Better Recordings.

As you’re evaluating your rig, you may find yourself neck-deep in a Sweetwater catalog. With thousands of items vying for your attention, it’s easy to develop tunnel vision.

You need to occasionally break free and think outside the box. There are so many creative ways to add on to your studio, but sometimes you’ve got to look for them.

Here are a few places to start.


Do you know about IKEA? I thought it was a household name, but then I recently met several people who hadn’t heard of it.

Basically, IKEA is this huge warehouse store. They produce anything and everything you could want to decorate your home. Furniture, lighting, all sorts of stuff.

The great thing is that they produce everything in bulk, and it’s all really inexpensive.

It may not seem immediately obvious, but a lot of the items sold at IKEA can be easily converted for studio use. For example, if you watch my latest studio tour, you’ll see that I used their $15 Rast nightstand to make an 8-space wooden equipment rack.

Jon over at Audio Geek Zine is actually the first person to turn me on to a lot of IKEA studio “hacks.” Check out his article on how IKEA makes great studio furniture. (The article may be missing pictures. Jon’s site recently fell victim to a server crash…bummer.)