Using a Human Drummer – A Novel Idea

I’ve said it before, I’m a big fan of EZDrummer. More accurately, I’m just a big fan of all the drum software programs out there. Steven Slate Drums, BFD, Strike…the list goes on and on, and they all sound FANTASTIC!

You’ve undoubtedly heard EZDrummer if you’ve listened to any of my music. All the drums on Out of Indiana were done using EZDrummer and a mouse. I found a MIDI groove that I liked, then I would manipulate it, change it … [insert a few hours of programming] … and come out on the other side with a decent sounding drum track.

Does it work? Does it sound good? Sure. A drummer friend of mine even asked me who played drums on “Treading Water.” 🙂

While I love drum software, and while it’s awesome that anybody can have great-sounding drums for only a couple -hundred bucks, I definitely miss having a real drummer.