Comfort Zones are for Wimps

So…Saturday night’s show went really well.

I had a blast. There were over 2,000 people there at one point.

So. Much. Fun.

I played electric guitar for the entire show. We had two electrics, bass, drums, and keys. The other guitarist and I also split up singing lead on the songs.

As I mentioned last week, electric guitar is not (yet) in my comfort zone. It’s relatively new territory for me as a performer.

But I realized something.

This weekend’s show was RISKY for me. (more…)

Low-Watt Amps: Great for Home Recording? [Video]

Hidey ho.

I’ve been a little light on the emails/articles this week. If you must know, I’ve been taking a little break, getting ready for tonight’s recording guitar webinar, and doing some reading. 🙂

BUT…I do have a quick video for you today.

It has to do with recording a loud guitar amp in the recording studio. Are low wattage amps capable of good-sounding recordings? Even at 1/4 Watt?

Let’s find out. I do a quick little shoot-out for you. Listen and decide for yourself here:


And if you haven’t yet, today’s the last day to join Recording Electric Guitar. If you’re on the fence, give it a shot. I think you’ll LOVE it.

P.S. The folks over at are giving away FIVE free subscriptions. If you haven’t checked out their videos, you should. Quality stuff. I know Fab from my days selling gear at Sweetwater. He’s a funny dude and a great teacher.

If nothing else, head over to their facebook page and enter to win a free subscription. The deadline is TOMORROW, so do it now.

Here’s the direct link for the giveaway.

“While My Guitar Gently Hisses”

Had a bit of a revelation recently.

Actually, it’s less of a revelation and more of a “well, duuuh.”

It has to do with guitar amp hiss…but really it’s a concept that applies to ANY recording scenario.

Whether you’re recording electric guitar, a Fender Rhodes, a B3, or vocals…this simple tip could help out.

Here’s what happened. (more…)

How to NOT Prepare for a Guitar Recording Session

If you’re keeping score, I’m working on a new album.

So far I’ve recorded: drums (thanks Tim!), bass (thanks Joel!), acoustic guitar, lead vocals, some piano, and some background vocals. The one big instrument I haven’t tracked yet is electric guitar.

I’m getting ready to knock those tracks out in the next few days, and as I prepare for that, I figured I’d share with you a bunch of ways NOT to prepare for a guitar session.

(Sometimes it’s just more effective to teach what NOT to do rather than what TO do.)

So, here we go…here are 7 ways to be really poorly prepared for an electric guitar session.

  1. DON’T change your strings. Everybody knows new strings sound harsh. If you can actually have strings that are MONTHS old, you’ll be glad you left ’em on.
  2. DON’T practice parts beforehand. This is especially true if you’re more of an acoustic guitarist than an electric guitarist. Just wing it. You’ll be fine.
  3. DON’T bother with good cables. It’s an old wives’ tale that nicer cables sound any better than cheaper cables. Heck, go as cheap as possible.
  4. DON’T have the guitar set up properly. If you’ve got a new guitar, fresh from the music store, it sounds as good as it ever will. No need to have it set up. You’ll only make it worse.
  5. Plan to record as many takes as possible. This works especially well if you really nail #2. Any mistakes can be covered up by doubling the part 4 or 12 times. If one track sounds amazing, a dozen or so will be EPIC. Trust me.
  6. Get your distortion pedals ready. If you’re gonna double every part multiple times, then you’ll definitely need a hefty amount of overdrive or distortion on those tracks. That’s how you keep ’em sounding full. When in doubt, crank it up a little more.
  7. Don’t worry about dialing in great tone. They have plugins for that.

So, there you go. Surefire way to make sure those electric guitar tracks sound like poop.

Speaking of poopy guitars, you still have through the weekend to enter to win a free ticket to my new Recording Electric Guitar class.

Head over here to enter.

Tickets go on sale bright and early Monday morning. 9am Central time.

Announcing a New Class/Giveaway

Update: Congrats to Erik O. for winning the free ticket. The giveaway is officially over. If you’d like to join the class, tickets are available here.

Ready for something new?

I’m launching a brand new 4-week class next week. It’s simply called Recording Electric Guitar.

I’ve done similar classes in the past (Recording Acoustic Guitar and Recording Killer Vocals), and I’m excited to get this next one underway.

Here’s a quick video explaining the class:


This will be a live class, meaning you’ll get new content delivered once a week for four weeks. We’ll cover:

  1. The Keys to Recording Electric Guitar [Live Webinar]
  2. In the Studio with Electric Guitar – HD Video
  3. Mixing Electric Guitar – HD Video
  4. Member Critiques – I’ll personally critique members’ electric guitar recordings.
And there might be a few bonuses in there for you as well…

Win a Free Ticket!

Before the tickets go on sale (there will only be 50  100 available*), you can enter to win a free ticket. Simply leave a comment below telling me why you want to attend this class.

I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning (8/27) at 9 am Central Time. (This is when tickets will go on sale, too.)

There will be a discount for the first several tickets sold.

The class will start the first week in September.

Good luck!

* I originally planned to only have 50 seats, but by the time I launched the class, I decided to go with 100. My apologies for the switcheroo. I wasn’t trying to be intentionally misleading. You know I love you. 🙂