Your Mother Would Be Ashamed

Have you ever had the (dis)pleasure of working with an audio engineer who knew more than you…and made sure to make you feel like he knew more than you?

Or how about the arrogant, sarcastic sound guy who seems to be so overly-impressed with himself that you wonder if he knows there are other people in the room?

Well, at the show I played last weekend, I encountered the OPPOSITE.

There were only two sound guys, running a fairly complex (and loud) PA rig.

They were pressed for time to set up and tweak the rig, and they could have EASILY been jerks to us silly musicians.

But they weren’t. (more…)

The Lonely Recording Engineer (plus…BIG announcement!)

Running a home studio can be a lonely thing.

You bring clients in, but the majority of your time is spent manipulating the sound after the client leaves, right?

Or maybe you’re working on your own music, so it’s just you and your studio for hours at a time.

Granted, I LOVE recording. I could spend all weekend in my studio and lose track of time, meals, bathroom breaks, you name it. 🙂

However, I’ll share with you a secret that has made me a better engineer. (more…)

The Insecure Engineer

I had a conversation with an engineer friend of mine a few months ago. He does recording, mixing, and mastering for a living here in Nashville. He pointed out something that I thought was really interesting and very true. Engineers are a very insecure group of people.

What did he mean by that? We’re in a very creative field, and our job consists of making hundreds and thousands of subjective, creative decisions.

There’s not much about music that’s objective. I can dial in a guitar tone. You can tell me that you don’t like the tone, but you can’t definitively say it’s a bad guitar tone. Everything must be taken in context and everything subjective.