Using an Expander on Vocals [Ask Joe]

Got this question today from Alex:

Is it a good idead to add an expander plugin on my vocal track? Could I make an AUX track and use it as a send for my vocals?

I notice how it kills the background noise in my headphones and just really pick up my vocals.


Intro to Gates/Expanders

Do you ever use a gate or expander plug-in? Do you know what they do? Do you know how COOL they are?

I use them mainly for voiceover. They can help take a fairly noisy environment and make it seem much quieter than it actually is. I use them on the HSC Podcast, for example. In this video I actually use a snippet of audio from the latest podcast to show you how a gate/expander works.


How do you use gates? Leave a comment! I’ll need 10 comments before the next post.