Fear, Grief, and a Cool New Project

Monday morning I had a drum recording session at my buddy Tim Horsley’s house. I can record drums at my place, but Tim has his kit and mics set up already, and he’s constantly tweaking his setting to get better and better sounds. (Timmy Boy, you’re drum sounds have gotten better and better over the years since I first recorded with you back in…2011? You’re a beast.)

Monday’s session was for a 5-song EP I’m producing for my friend Frankie Barranco. (Side-note: we’re mixing one of the songs from that EP over at Dueling Mixes this month. Now is a GREAT time to join. The song is dope.) We had three songs that needed drums.

We recorded scratch tracks a while back (acoustic guitar and vocals recorded to a click track). I scheduled some time on Friday to do some prep work. Frankie’s husband Spencer sent me some ideas and references for each song. It was super helpful. Still…with the start of every new project there can be a lot of doubt about what direction to take each song.

Enter Crippling Self-Doubt

I sat down on Friday, and my intention was to listen to the three songs, finish writing charts for each, and do some quick “pre-production.” (Pre-production is a catch-all term for making decisions about arrangement, instrumentation, vibe, feel, etc.) I scheduled one hour to do this. I really thought it wouldn’t take much more than a quick listen. (more…)