Ask Joe #73 – Let’s Talk About Vocals

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Questions covered this week:

  • Do you actually “mix” on your “crap” speaker, or if you just use it to pick out problems and then go back and mix on your main monitors?
  • I have a home studio setup with three pairs of studio monitors, what is the best way to set up pairs of studio monitors?
  • When the singer hits some notes on my well EQ’d vocal,there are some frequencies that jump up and are annoying. Any way to get rid of those?
  • As a singer, what do you recommend to get better at singing in tune (live + recording) for someone with minor pitch issues?
  • How much silence (if any) do you leave at the very start and very end of a completed mastered song?

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EQ Settings – Where to start?


My 1-year-old son Owen loves this cartoon turtle movie we found on Netflix.

It’s about the life of this cute little baby sea turtle, and the moral of the story is that everybody needs a little “nudge” in the right direction from time to time.

Lucky for the turtles, they have instincts that tell them what to do. As soon as they’re born they head out to sea, somehow automatically “knowing” what they’re supposed to do.

Not so with us humans…at least when it comes to using EQ. (more…)