Ask Joe #77 – Banjos and Acoustic Guitars

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Questions covered this week:

  • I plan on recording a banjo like an acoustic guitar. I didn’t know if that’s the “proper” or best sounding way to record it. Is a room mic needed, because there’s no sound hole?
  • I’m currently in a square room (11 by 11), but I don’t have the chance of putting up much acoustic treatment. Would I be better off using open back headphones or just putting up a small amount of acoustic treatment and use studio monitors? (Currently I’m just using a pair of krk 4600 closed back headphones to get my mixing done.)
  • Could you explain side chaining, what it is, and what it is used for?
  • I have been recording all of my guitars with an xy set up, and then doubling them with an additional xy guitar (each x and each y to their own mono track)   Would you go with an LCR approach for panning, like the body mic of each up the middle and the neck mice out the the left and right?  Do you thinks it would be better to keep one guitar all the to the left and the other the right?

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