Why Your Home Studio Might Be Bloated (And Why That’s a Bad Thing)

Hootie The BlowfishIt’s the day after Thanksgiving here in the US. And most of us are feeling bloated from all the eating yesterday. 🙂

I suppose it’s human nature. There’s all this food just sitting there, waiting to be eaten. Everyone else is stuffing their faces, so why not join in, right?

Is your studio like a bloated, post-Thanksgiving food coma? Do you fill it up with gear just because you can? Do you fill up your hard drive with the latest software? Do you always upgrade to the latest version of Pro Tools as soon as it’s released?

Your studio might need to go on a serious diet. (more…)

Ask Joe #28 – HSC Production Club, Home Studios, and more [HSC Podcast]

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You may have caught wind of this in the last few days or so, but it’s time for me to re-open the doors to the HSC Production Club!! Listen to the first part of this podcast, where I talk through the Club and discuss some new features.

Happy Listening!

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