Common EQ Mistake #3 – Not EQ-ing with the Big Picture in Mind

The Bigger PictureSo far we’ve looked at why you shouldn’t EQ without listening and should limit how much you EQ in solo. But what about the bigger picture?

If you’re being a good little mix engineer, you’re making your EQ changes while listening to the entire mix. But how do you know when to cut from one instrument or another? Do you think about how making one EQ change here will affect the mix over there?

Let’s say you’ve got some muddy build-up at 200 Hz. Do you cut 200 Hz in the bass? The vocal? The acoustic guitar? The piano? The answer is, of course, it depends. Depending on how much buildup is there, you may need to do a cut on more than one track, even all of them. (more…)

Common EQ Mistake #2 – EQ-ing in Solo

SoloIn the last article we took a look at the problem of EQ-ing without really listening to the track. The opposite, however, can be just as bad for your mix.

What if you listen to the track TOO closely? What if there was a way to isolate that track and only listen to that track and mute all the rest? Wait a second. Yep, that’s called the solo button.

EQ-ing in solo, in my opinion, is one of the hardest habits to break. Think back to the very first song you ever mixed. What did you do first? You solo’d the kick drum, messed around with EQ for a while. Then you solo’d the snare drum, played around with EQ for a while. Then you solo’d the bass… You get the picture.

How did that work out for you? (more…)

Common EQ Mistake #1 – EQ-ing Without Listening

Mistakes: It Could Be That The Purpose of Your Life is Only to Serve as a Warning to OthersOn last night’s webinar, I talked about EQ. During one section, I focused on common EQ mistakes. I wanted to share my thoughts here on HSC, too.

EQ-ing Without Listening First

Are you guilty of this? Come on, be honest. Have you ever opened up a mix and started slapping EQs on every channel and twisting away at the knobs?

It’s okay, I’ve done it, too. Do you know why this is a bad idea? (more…)