Ask Joe #51 – Re-Mixing: Good Idea or Bad Idea?


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Questions covered this week:

  • Should I use volume automation or clip volume?
  • Is it okay to go back and remix songs you mixed a long time ago?
  • What’s the deal with lop-sided overhead mic panning?
  • If you could just use one mic to record drums, what kind would it be and where would you place it?
  • How do you deal with latency when mixing through outboard gear?

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VIDEO: Dealing with USB Latency

Let’s say you just got your first USB audio interface. You’ve set up your home studio, installed everything, and you’re ready to hit that big red Record button and go to town.

What happens next can be both surprising and frustrating – latency. USB 1.1 isn’t the fastest protocol on the planet, and what can happen is that it takes the computer a little time to process the audio. Translation: you play or sing a note, then you hear it in your headphones several milliseconds later. This is latency.

The cure? Most manufacturers include a mix knob on their USB interfaces. This mix knob allows you to blend the direct signal (of the microphone plugged into the interface) with the playback signal (the tracks you’re playing back in Pro Tools). 

In this video I’ll explain it a bit further and show you how to get around this latency issue.

* There’s a slight hum in the audio during the screencast portion. My apologies. I had to rewire things a little differently to demonstrate what the latency sounds like.


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