12 Home Studio Necessities #1 – Computer


Before you can even think about releasing your first quadruple-platinum album, you’ll need some way to record it. For years, big ‘ol tape machines ruled the recording world. I’ve got a buddy who laughs at how much much useless information from “the analog days” is taking up valuable space in his brain – things like like how to align a 2-inch tape machine.

While it used to take up to several hours just to set up the studio for recording (aligning tape machines, zeroing out the console, setting up the patchbay), now I can walk into my studio, flip on a power switch, double click on an icon, and I don’t even have time to make coffee before my studio is ready to start recording the next “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Thank God for computers.


Ask Joe #65 – Getting Clients Without a Portfolio

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Questions covered this week:

  • How do you maintain a good work-life balance?
  • How do you choose good reference tracks?
  • Should I upgrade from a PC to a Mac?
  • How do I get clients if I don’t have a portfolio?
  • Should I buy an external preamp?

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