Why You Should Use a Condenser Mic on Vocals

Last week I shared with you why you should use a dynamic mic on vocals. Today I want to give you three reasons to use a condenser mic.

Condenser microphones are, by far, the most common type of microphones to track lead vocals. While I do love a good dynamic on a vocal, sometimes the session calls for a condenser. I would say I use a condenser microphone on a lead vocal at least 70% of the time.

So you may be asking how do I decide when to use a condenser? Let me share with you three reasons. (more…)

One of the Most Overlooked Steps of Recording

When I started recording more seriously, I was spending most of my time in professional studios. Fancy studios are awesome. You’ve got a pretty control room with a big console, patchbay, and couches. You’ve got a nice big tracking room, and you’ve probably got a couple of extra rooms or vocal booths thrown in there.

All this is great. For us home studio folks, chances are the musicians we record are no farther away than the other side of the room. Most of us don’t have the luxury of multiple recording rooms, vocal booths, etc.

While all those rooms are nice, I found that it’s VERY easy to fall into a trap. When you’re setting up to record something, you’re running back and forth from the tracking room to the control room, patching mics to preamps, checking levels, etc. It’s really a lot of fun. Then you turn up the monitors in the control room and start listening to the instrument you just mic’d up.